Our research department specializes in American, British and Continental paintings of the last five centuries. Collectors will find this service extremely valuable for pre-purchase considerations, provenance searches, artist and sitter identification, auction results, post-sale summaries, market analysis, exhibition records and artist biographical information. Working closely with the vast resource of certified appraisers in the region, we can provide the expert evaluation and appraisal you require for your piece.


For some works of art, a more in-depth diagnosis and analysis are required. We provide services such as microscopic paint analysis, ultra-violet examination and infra-red analysis, which allows the conservator to penetrate the surface of the painting revealing hidden information. Infrared examination combined with ultra-violet analysis and chemical testing enable our conservators to understand the condition history of a painting before pursuing treatment. Minimal intervention is always the goal in conserving paintings.


Painting under ultra-violet light
Painting viewed with Trans-irridescence
Detail of painting viewed under ultra-violet light
Detail of painting viewed using infra-red film

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